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"Set and achieve goals. Develop a plan. A goal is a dream with a plan. Commit the goals to writing and re-visit them frequently"

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  2. The Five Reasons Staff Don't Do What They Should Do
  3. Getting Back To Business After The Floods
  4. Your Vision, Does It Still Stand In Challenging Times

"Having seen many many business coaching programs Yale's new business at Better Business Group is outstanding , detailed and comprehensive , one of the best business coaching processes I have seen for a long long time." -

Tony Gattari,
Founder and CEO Achievers Group

"Yale has an enormous amount of valuable advice to share for business owners. He is a real expert in the sales & marketing field and his advice has seen real results for our business in terms of more leads and more sales" 

Dan Willersdorf  

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Six reasons to build your business using the products, tools and systems Better Business Group has to offer.
  1. Your success can be proven by past results – Discover exactly how more than 324 Australian small businesses generated extra profits of $20,000,000.00 in just 4 years..
  2. A Business Diagnostics Tool that has been devised from over 25 years of practical "Hands On" consultancy experience, extremely powerful in it's ability to increase sales, profits and CASH!
  3. You'll be shown, by using Better Business Group Savings And Investment System how to use use the extra profits and cash, obtained via our systems, to obtain Financial Freedom.
  4. You'll learn just how making Small Changes = Massive Results! .
  5. You will follow a step by step process that will teach you the business development skills that will ensure your success in business.
  6. Better Business Group Members pride themselves on the support given, this often includes a 100% Money Back Guarantee based on results.

Discover how your business can thrive and prosper in these tough economic times! 

Read what others are saying...

I would like to provide you a testimonial regarding the Where Am I Now process which is an awesome process for any person wanting to look for ways to improve their business.

At the time of purchasing the Where Am I Now business tool we had just concluded working with a business coach from another organisation. Admittedly I was not sure whether the process would provide any benefit to my business but as a business owner I believe that it is important to explore ways to improve and grow my business.

The result was a far better then I imagined. Even before we conducted the review process I learned a lot. Many of the items highlighted in the ‘Where Am I Now’ we were already doing, which was good to know, however the process opened my eyes to so many areas that I could fine tune that would provide a massive boost to my bottom line profits. For example;

By initiating a Lost and Inactive Customers campaign would increase turnover by 100K within our present capacity, the additional bottom line profit would result in increasing the value of my business by at least 180K. We also discovered we could increase our margins by 5% which would also increase button line profits and business value.

I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending the ‘Where Am I Now’ process; it is excellent value for money and a must for any person who is serious about improving their business.

Yours truly,
Benn Milne
Vogel Motors Services
16 March 2011

I have recently completed the business diagnostic and I must admit that I was hesitant and a little unsure to begin with. Once I started completing the business diagnostic I became aware of so many areas that could be improved upon within my business, also amazing clarity and realisations came out of doing this exercise.

The whole process gave me even more confidence in my vision, and as a result I have engaged Lanai to help me achieve my business goals. I am now excited about the strategies and solutions we have implemented and am looking forward to my business future with confidence.

I would recommend the Business Diagnostic Tool to any business owner who is serious about improving the profitability of their business.

Nicole De Loncrais
Skin therapist

We would just like to let you know the impact that BBG Business Systems has had on our business.

Before we started with BBG our business was rather challenging and we were working 6 days a week. It seemed that our staff was getting the best deal; they were paid more and only worked 5 days a week.

After 10 months of making the ‘Small Changes’ in our business we have seen a positive financial swing of $24,790 per month, that is a huge increase for a small business which has resulted in us being more relaxed in our business.

We now only work 5 days a week and our business has substantially increased in value.

We would like to thank you and BBG Business Systems for your assistance. We have truly had a tremendous return on our investment.

Russell & Jocelyn Connon
296 Jackson Street